Street Elegance

Dress - American Apparel | Top - H&M | Shoes - H&M | Hair Band - DIY

Heya, darlings!

With autumn greeting me surprisingly in Edinburgh already, I seriously have had to step up my tights and sweaters game, but it doesn't mean I am ready to give in to the dull grey tones of autumn wardrobe yet. If my stubbornness didn't work when wearing summer dresses and tops, I decided to fight the cold and grey with being as colorful and bright as possible, and it is sure easy to be bright when all you see is people in black (no offense to black, if black colour was a religion I would probably be preaching to that magical tone right now). So, in order to get out of the autumn funk, Bear and I found the most colourful background place around our flat and began shooting. Adding to that, it was nice to finally bring out my diy pom-pom headband that had been sitting in my headpiece part of wardrobe for too long listening to sad songs of abandonment. 

Even though it has been just a week here, life goes on too quickly and when looking back at things done and places seen, Bear and I are definitely hitting a record here. I seriously can't imagine how quickly time will begin to run when the university work, sewing and designing starts. If anyone of you see an ebay deal of extra hours in a day I could buy, please give me a shout. I sooo need that.
So, in result, even with autumn and tiring routine around the corner creeping on us, I keep reminding myself to stay positive whether it is my wardrobe or attitude, because lets be real, one helps the other. 

Always Yours,

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