Velvet Maxi Dress



Dress - ASOS | Earings - (Vintage) Great-Grandma's | Rings - H&M | Shoes - F&F

Hello, darlings!

As part of ASOS tempting sale and festival season being in full beam, I couldn't refuse myself when I saw this magical beauty of a dress basically waiting for me to order it, cherish it and wear it. Ever since I have first put it on, I have been inlove. It's one of those pieces that will make people come to you and say - your dress is wonderful (happened on many cases) and definitely is one of my top 5 buys of this year. Even though maxi is slowly becoming less popular, I feel like a tall girl who loves anything longer than my knee - length, I have to become the maxi advocate, and I sort of have. Also, the wonderful thing about this piece is, that with sun and light shining on it directly, the rose print will become brighter and sort of shine, as you may see in pictures.

For the location, Bear and I chose to go to the Latvian Botanic Garden (more I chose than him, he just agreed knowing my eternal love for flowers, parks, green things and gardens in general). This was our 3rd attempt to go there, because somehow, weirdly always something went wrong with our plans and even though, it seemed like this time past would repeat itself, we were both stubborn to get there and made it through. Even though sort of late in the summer for flower watching, we found this wonderful dahlia garden and began taking pictures, as it was mesmerizing to see.

So, if there is something you want to see desperately and life is giving you obstacles, kick those obstacles in their obstacle butt and go see some flowers!

Always Yours,


  1. Your photos are so lovely. The botanical gardens was the perfect location to wear this dress! x


  2. I love the subtle pop of the print in the dress. And if maxi dresses make you happy, wear them! Why bother with what's "popular"?

    Theatricality by Mariah