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Hello, darlings!

When I am not living my life between carbon boxes and files of university work stacked in them, I try to get out of our flat and explore as much as I can. One of the many great things about moving to our new flat is being able to live near a wonderful, tiny park filled with puppies and kids running around. Adding to that, I am sort of obsessed with parks and love to spend as much time there as I can, so for my first outfit shoot as an official Edinburgh(ger) I decided to do there. As I mentioned before, getting used to dressing warmer is getting to me, it takes way longer for me to decide what to wear lately and I think I might need to do a complete wardrobe check, because, as per usual, I am stocked on all things summery and less the sweater type outfits that I should be starting to wear. Also, I haven't yet grown the super thick British skin that everyone else here seems to have, because boy, these people are comfortable in wearing shorts all year round, and let me tell ya... it is NOT that warm. 

Another thing I am trying to do, is starting to make myself get used to this place being home. It is a wonderful city, but the yearly moving is slowly getting to me and if it was easier once getting used to somewhere, I think it gets harder every time around. It is nice to have Bear with me and knowing that my friends are soon moving here too, but I do miss my family a bit. At least I know I have you guys, watching over elegance lies, so I always have a part of home with me, no matter where I go. 

Always yours,

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  1. I love your double buns! So cute :) I know it's hard moving, but you will adjust. Home is where the heart is. If you put your heart into wherever you live, it will always be home.

    Theatricality by Mariah