Black Dress and Leopard Print shoes


Dress worn as skirt - ASOS | Blazer - H&M | Bracelet - New Look | Shoes - Nine West

Hello, wonderful people!

With July finally giving us crazy heat and packing the calendar with things to do and places to be, many would look at my outfit choices with disbelief of my sanity, but not to worry, this is just a life long love to all things black that can't be stopped just because of a little heat. As a person on who's wardrobe is built on things that I believe will sustain me and keep me fashionable even in my 60ies, I still sometimes try and give in to the fad side of the fashion. With running shoes and scrunchies as an actual day wear and the ugly Hermes sandal knock-offs that you can buy anywhere nowadays (tempteeed, tempteeeed), I would be crucified as a blogger to not be accepting at least one of these trends. Even though, as every women in this world I tend to be very indecisive, with fashion I have always known it very surely. So, that leads to... diagnose -  black obsessed. The dress I am wearing I bought last year from ASOS as a festival get-up, but ended up leaving it in my closet when I realized how much boob action I was getting. When I found this wonderful beauty of a blazer in H&M sale a few weeks ago, I immediately knew at least 2 dresses and 3 pair of skirts I could wear it with, so it was a winner. 
As for the shoes... aren't they lovely? I found these babies a veeery long time ago back in the USA, but never really wore them so often, because I was/still am afraid to ruin them. And I know, you will say this is the roller skates thing, where the kid finally gets the skates but never wears them and ends up growing out of them, well... guess what - I think my feet will stay like this at least for...the rest of my life :P

So even though, I am a blogger, a fashion student and it is summer, it is good to remind yourself that elegance lies in a distinctive style that you define yourself and not those colourful running shoes, which sure do look nice, but only if you are the Sporty Spice.

Always Yours, darlings,


  1. Uuhhh..Finally someone who thinks the same about that running shoes trend. Can't get it and it coexnt matter how hard I try.

  2. I know how you feel about trends. I ignore them for the most part too. I don't think a blogger will be burned at the stake if he/she chooses to ignore trends as long as her personal style is cool and her content is good. I'm glad you found yourself a good black blazer :)

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