June Instagram Diary


Hello, my cuties!

There are times when you want to skip forward time to a certain kind of date and then there are times when you want to make it slow down. June has been one of those wonderful months that sadly has gone by so quickly. Even though, It started with struggle and stress of me getting home, moving away from my old house, finding a new flat, all the stress pretty much stopped right after I had settled everything and was able to enjoy this month, that is one of my favourites. It was both, elegance lies and mine birthdays, which we are still celebrating with a lovely giveaway and cute diy project. I managed to spend time with Bear and finally enjoy the perks of being a normal couple, also, seeing my brother all tall and growing up, and my family... It was definitely something I had needed for a long time. Even though, colder than ever, June has brought me flowers and all things beautiful, and somehow I am all giddy and excited about going back to Scotland this time, even though I know it will be a huge year with many big changes, one of them moving cities and living with Bear. June has also made me again, excited for university, which I had lost for the 2nd year and pretty much sailed through just because... Now that I finally have my feet on the ground, I can feel like myself and function normally. How little do we need?

Anyway, my lovelies, I hope you all are safe and enjoying your summers! Remember to enter my O.P.I giveaway while you still can and have a chance to steal some lovely bright summer nail polishes! 

Always Yours,

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