Jasmine Petals and Pink Shoes


Dress - Glamorous (from ARK) || Top - Charlotte Russe || Bag - Primark

Hello, beautiful!

I have always fully embraced the fact that I lived somewhere extremely warm during my past lives, because when the heat wave hits, and by that I mean above 25 C, I tend to never complain about the extreme hotness, unless I am in public transportation with not so nice smelling fellas beside me. So, when the summer finally does start in Latvia, I ain't wasting no time, darling. When packing to come home, I literally left everything knitted, warm, autumny looking in the boxes for the Scotland weather and brought all the nice summer dresses with me in huge 2 x 20 kg bags. Little did I know, summer postponed itself for a month. But as it is getting to that point where the sun is so strong your hair gets lighter in colour, I am in my element. 
Also, I am trying this new thing called - don't wear so much black, you weirdo. I have lived in black clothes ever since my mum stopped dressing me and I can promise it is not because I would be a dark person (hihi). I feel like black clothing is the warm hug of days when you have run out of ideas of what to wear and maybe you are facing one of those "don't like how i look days". Adding to that, so far, I am actually loving summery colours, though, it tends to be hard when you don't have so much to work with.

Anyway, darlings, hope you are enjoying the warmth as much as I am, and if not, go ahead and cheer yourself up with my O.P.I giveaway!

Always Yours,

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  1. I totally know what you mean about living in black. While not all of my wardrobe is black, a good portion or black or a black and white print. And then another good portion is various shades of blue. It proves interesting getting dressed in the morning. Your outfit is so cute by the way :)

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