Made By Me - Blue Rose Bud Dress



Dress, Hair, Make-up, Photography - Me
Model - Beautiful Kristīne (yup, folks, that's her full name)
Hello, darlings!

As you know, I am not one to overthrow you with bunch of pictures, but I couldn't stop myself from going a little overboard with these beauties I shot yesterday with my amazing friend Kristīne. It had been such a long time since I have done a proper shoot myself being on the other side of the camera, that I was a bit afraid they won't turn out that good, but as Kristīne and I go way back as you can see in my photo portfolio, it was easier then ever.

Besides, I have been thinking about this shoot for some time, as this was one of the dresses I had made in my 2nd year of Fashion Technology and been wanting to photo it ever since, but never had the proper chance to realize the idea I had in my mind for this. Even though, we shot these right by my house in front of the apple trees it doesn't look anything like it, the green all around gives of the feeling of Italy and I love how it all fits in one place. Of course, the shoot wasn't all we did with me getting a chance to see her once again, before I leave - we drank champagne and talked about future and the uncertainty of it. One thing is for sure, no matter where we both end up, we will never be too far away from each other to get together, take pictures and drink champagne in the sun.

Always Yours,

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  1. This dress is amazing! And you made it? Wow. I love the kind of Vogue idea going on with the chair in a field. The photography is amazing. I just can't with all the wonderful going on in this post.

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