Nude and Pastel Dreams of Summer part 2


Hello there, darlings!

Very rarely I tend to get shocked by something beautiful, I usually can expect inspiring things coming on, like you know when re-watching an Audrey Hepburn movie, that you will definitely fall inlove with her and want to be her again. But, as Bear and I decided to go to Kuldīga, I didn't expect to be taken so much by the little town and it's beauty. Packed with artists each in different corner of the town making another master piece of whatever architecture beauty they are seeing, it was a proof that I wasn't completely alone on this admiration track and felt like my little pictures did no justice to what was around us. Kudlīga's beauty didn't lie in massive or impressive constructions(except, of course, Ventas Rumba). The towns beauty, to my mind hides in the green and blue doors and cleverly hidden street art that doesn't really jump out from the town but fits in and humors whoever sees it. It's a town for romantics who just don't normally walk around some place without imagining a story in their head. Anyway, this is my part 2. The little things of Kuldīga that I enjoyed. 

Hope the colour of that day can bring a tiny smile on your face, too! In Latvia we are celebrating Midsummers today, so to all who celebrate and the ones who don't but are just curious - 
Priecīgus Līgo!

Always Yours,

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