Nude and Pastel Dreams of Summer part 1


coat - vintage || top - h&m || trousers - hollister || shoes - converse || cardigan - bik bok

Hello, my wonderfuls!

Somehow, over the time of me living abroad and coming back home from time to time, Bear and I have gotten into this wonderful tradition to always try and have a road trip to somewhere beautiful in Latvia. Everyone always admires the beauty of Riga, it's Art Nouveau architecture, which is indeed remarkable and admired by not only Latvians, but tourists. But as beautiful as it is, there are many, maaaany more little and big places in Latvia that reminds you of old times, gives you that sort of romantic, nostalgic feeling,  that you get from watching costume movies or reading old poems. So this time, completely unplanned, our final destination was chosen and it was Kuldīga, a town in Kurzeme that just looks like it has stepped out of a painting. That, of course resulted in me taking many pictures of all the old and cute houses, so, darlings, I have to split this in two.

All of my high hopes of coming home to a warm summer quickly disappeared during the week of constant rain and coldness, so I dug through one of mums old closets, once again, searching for a warm coat (left all of mine back in the cold Scotland) and tadaaaaaa, there was this beautiful nudeishgrey miracle which I immediately threw on and started running around the house with. That is how mine and the coats friendship started. 

So, on one of the miserable days Bear, the Coat and I jumped in the car and off we went. Of course, as it always happens, it turned out that Kuldīga had stolen all the sun and we managed to walk around and enjoy just being a tourist in our own country. 

If anything, darlings, try to step out of your little warm homes from time to time and see the old in new light.

Always Yours,

 P. S. How do you like my new hair???

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