LMA Fashion Show "Plūdi"

Z a n e  P r o k o f j e v a

I e v a  S a l m a n e

L a i m a  Ū d r e

S a n d a  F e l d b e r g a

L i e n e  B u k o v s k a

S a n t a  M a t u l e 

Bonjour, my darlings!

On a rainy, grey Monday like this, filled with no colour whatsoever, I go back to all the taken photos from Art Academy Fashion Show and smile in unbelief. This blog post, although been ready for a while, have been sitting in a folder waiting for a moment like this. It took me all morning to show you, guys, because of the amount of time I spent looking through both mine and other people's photography of the day admiring the work that took me by surprise. As known, Art Academy produce unique creations every year that by most of the people are viewed as utterly and truly crazy. As not so great fan of that kind of creations myself, I have always thought of this event as more of an amusement for those bored by every day life and had not seen any particular hard work involved to designs produced and shown at these shows. To be even more precise, my remarks about this show have always involved snarky sarcastic little comments that finally I had to take back.  I can not tell you if it was me looking at this years work from a fashion student perspective or had the work changed in a way to satisfy my overly critical eyesight, but I left the fashion show feeling proud and happy to have experienced this in real life. To my surprise, there were not only crazy, artsy creations of idea-filled students like me, but there was, also, enormous amount of long work hours put into this work that I now could appreciate. 
 And now I feel like I need to explain myself. It's not that I neglect the idea of art in fashion, it's just the fact that these kind of creations rarely sell and are only admired by those who share the same passion, but in this country there is not enough of these kind of people to sustain a market for this kind of fashion. Anyway.

Taking aside my logical brain, I truly enjoyed the fashion show.  Designers like Zane Prokofjeva, Laima Ūdre and Santa Matule all not only tingled my liking, but actually inspired me with easily noticeable passion and amount of work that had gone inside these collections. Ideas that can only be born from ones brain not taken from someone else's and created with such detail were truly a sight to see. As designers closer to my own personal style, Liene Bukovska and Ieva Salmane, both stood out for me, not with a crazy colourful rainbow combinations of work or some whimsical creations, but with simple elegance, that I hold so dearly. As for menswear, Art Academy provided loads of talent signaling the growing man power not just in fashion, but in Latvian fashion. As for my personal favourite, I had to pick Sanda Feldberga, that got into my heart with the colour scheme and prints of those cozy coats I wanted to have in my closet, not my man's.

Overall, this is my tiny perspective of this years Art Academy's fashion show and I hope you enjoyed looking into my opinion.

I hope you all are somehwere warm, my pupmkins!

Always Yours,

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