Nostalgic in Monochrome


Dress worn as skirt - ASOS || Top - Hollister|| Bag - New Look|| Shoes - Primark|| Pearls - Charity Shop

Hello beautifuls!

It's been another week of intense sewing while side binging on The Great Brittish Sewing Bee and The Face (crappy fashion tv is mah juice). I am so done with 2nd Year of uni that I have decided to allow myself a few days of not caring before all the "moving flats" hectic starts. The sad part about university ending is saying goodbye, I guess that is what being foreign and having foreign friends mean. As part of my wonderful photographers last day in Scotland before summer we decided to do an amazing little brunch with a group of the best people. Somehow after all of that Sewing Bee watching and all the retro music in the background I decided to try out beehiving for a day. I just feel like beehives are a sort of a thing some people look good in and then some should never do, so of course, I attempted one, and to my surprise, I immediately felt like Don Drapers new girlfriend.
So, right after our wonderful little brunch I stole my dearest Estonian and we did a little photoshoot in no other place than the Old Gala House. We casually laughed how people must already be tired of seeing this location in our pictures, but then again, both of us are leaving and moving up to Edinburgh so... you'll be able to see other places, too, pumpkins. Overall, my dearest, I am so sorry if I sound a bit grey. You guys know me well - I am sad to say goodbye. Anyway, I try to convince myself it will be just 2 short weeks until I can be home and spend time with my family and my two favourite men - My Brother and Bear.

Uh, goodbyes suck.
Always yours,

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