May Instagram Diary


Hello, my dearest readers!

I'm currently reporting from the cardboard box central buried underneath many dresses and pairs of shoes. It's that time of my year again when I am saying goodbye to the house of the year and moving somewhere else, I think by this time next year, I will have become a professional at this. May has gone by so quickly, mostly because it has been a month of preparation and looking into the future, moving, storage, flat hunting, placement and university on top of that, I have been struggling being active anywhere, both blog and social media, because all of my Internet time was taken over by constant email checking and flat finding, but I tried really hard to keep everything in a balance and to be honest, I did pretty good. For this awesome kickassery I have done, I will so reward myself with sunny beach times and a bubbly in my hands, ah...

It is also almost June and I already know it will come with so many nice things, both for Elegance Lies and me, Its the month of mine and Elegance Lies birthdays, so prepare for some awesome celebratory activities. It is also the first month of my official holiday that I have proclaimed myself - my full attention on my family, friends and Elegance Lies. The Life! I have a calendar fully booked of photo-shoots, events and places I want to go, so buckle up, cuties, it will be a month of elegancliesness!

Also, It's just 3 more days until you can nominate Elegance Lies as the best International Blog here, so make sure to click and share the love while you still can!

Always yours,

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