Elegance Lies in Sketches

Hello, my wonderful miracles!

If you ever spend hours and hours spending time in some other world that is your head, imagining how things would be, then welcome to the weirdo club, their president - the fabulous me. Back in high school I would fill pages of notebooks of doodles with things that were on my mind during some extremely boring Chemistry lessons, so for once I decided to share some of my latest sketches inspired  by somewhat Elegance Lies kind of a day in hopes that someone out there can relate to one of the worlds made up in my flower carrying head. 

So, if you think about it, elegance lies girl is someone who adores coffee and mostly puts too much sugar in it, adding to that, coffee and warm breakfast is the only thing that will get her out of the bed, maybe... If she could, she would be in Spring or Summer all the time, so she wouldn't have to imagine to be living in a huge peppermint tea cup during the cold, windy days, and her hair is almost always carrying bunch of flowers and now and then a few bees, as well.

Hope you guys like my little sketch blog post and I would gladly do a few more if you would like!

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Always Yours,

P.S. All of the patterns used in sketches are found on weheartit.com


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  2. Agita, these are so cool, they could be turned into a book! Post moooore!
    Tiina xx