April Instagram Photo Diary


Hello lovelies!

It feels like I am holding time down and trying to stop it from whatever it is running after, but miserably, I am failing. Since I've put Elegance Lies as one of my many priorities, these few days off from blogging have been the longest I left it on it's own. My Baby. I haven't paid my attention to it and I felt miserable. During the last week and a half I have done more than I probably have done in a past 3 months, but that was because life pushed me, I had deadlines in uni, which are still going, ELEGANCE LIES had just finished it's giveaway, and seriously I felt like splitting in half. I still do. Right now I'm struggling big time trying to find my new flat in Edinburgh, but as always, piles and piles of documentation is what you have to go through here and it always brings me down. It feels like whenever I want something simple and little it turns into this huge struggle and in order for me to get it I basically have to go all Yonce on it. Anyway, here is a little sneak peak of one of the craziest months so far. I hope you didn't miss me too much. I promise to bring you much more interesting posts, as I am slowly sailing into the the period of summer calmness.

Uh, how I missed you!
Always Yours,

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