Wearing Spring

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narcises16 Dress - ASOS|| Leggings - ZIB*_lv

Heya lovelies!

Every time spring comes with bunch of my favorite things I loose my mind/ I go crazy smelling every possible flower, even the artificial ones, I gaze overly too much on the possible summer outfits I definitely need for summer times on the Internet, and how could I not when it is the month when my favorite flowers sprins everywhere in Scotland and birds are the reason I wake up. Those little songsters are going coo-coo, too. I know, my pun attempts are so lame. No more, promise. 

As for what I'm wearing, it is all perfectly fitting with what and how I feel right now, these ZIB*_lv leggins have been a love of mine since I got them for Christmas and been waiting on such sunny days like these, to wear them and do them their colourful honor. I have to admit, I shot an outfit post of them a long time ago, but it didn't go up because I wasn't satisfied of the pictures. Yes, this is how critical I get when it comes to my favourite ZIB* item. Also, It seemed perfectly fitting as we are entering the very last days of my giveaway, my lovely pumpkins, and by what I am getting, you are enjoying it very much. Which, of course, on top of the bird songs, flowers and sun, brings me even more joy.  Besides the beaaaaaautiful leggins, it is a dress you saw me wearing on ECFS2014, that is a very cherished item of mine and most definitely will be worn too many times during summer, because a -  it is white, and every possible fashion magazine has been overfeeding us with the information that if you are a living, breathing human being, you DEFINITELY MUST WEAR WHITE this summer and b - it is just so preeeetyy.

So, thats me, as always swinging in my flowing dresses between daffodils.
Hope you all are somewhere warm and enjoying the spring!
Always Yours,

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