I'd Rather Wear Flowers in my Hair

flowercrown2 Dress worn as skirt - Glamorous || Jean Jacket - U.S. Polo Assoc. || Tights - Primark|| Purse - Primark||

Ouh hello there my spring miracles!
I congratulate you, we are just finishing on the horrible stress days and slowly sailing into lazy, innocent spring time, if you are someone like me and consider doing billion things at once and driving yourself crazy this time of year is your jam. This time is your butter on a Sunday toast. This time is waking up before your alarm clock and realizing you have still more hours to sleep. Even though life is incredibly uncertain right now I am still finding joy in sunny days and being able to wear out my flowers. It's been such a long time I parted from my hair accessories (flowersies) that I keep forgetting that I am wearing them when I am out and only realize when people keep staring. 
See, it's not nooormal to put bunch of flowers on your hair but it is somehow weirdly acceptable to run around on a cold Saturday night with no underwear, no tights with short dresses with all of your magic out to the world. Society? Will I ever understand it? Hmm? 
So, my pumpkins, my sunny days are about spring flats, flowers in the hair, polka dots and flowing dresses, about red lipstick when red lipstick is needed and obviously worry free.
 Anyone up for joining me?

Always yours,

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