How to do 4 Easy Scarfbraid Hairstyles


Hello baby cakes!

Today I have a wonderfully huuuuugee and educating blog post on elegance lies, because I decided my new obsession with scarfbraids deserved some special attention, so behold - this is supermasive braid post. I've tried to keep these tutorials as easy as possible, because who actually has time for long hours understanding how to turn your hair into braid world. If it does get confusing though, here are the steps for doing my lovely scarfbraids. All you need is, of course, scarf, hair (I'm such a smartass, I know) and 2, preferably thin hair ties. 

1. Start off by carefully parting your hair in two parts and putting your chosen scarf underneath your hair.

2. Then separate these 2 parts as you would usually when braiding, but this time use 2 parts of your hair and third one would be your scarf.

3. Braid until the end of hair and secure with a hair tie, make sore not to pull on the scarf too much so there is some more of the scarf left for the other part.

4. Grab a hold of the part of the hair unbraided and make sure to get all the hair so there are no awkward hair coming out in the back.

5. And braid the other half the same way as you did the first one by separating your hair in 2 sections and using the scarf as the third section.

6. There you go, my fabulous fabulousness, you can leave your hair like this and that's our first hairstyle done.

2. But, if you want to pull off some Princess Leia worthy hair, you can just follow me on the path to explore more scarfbraid awesomeness -


1. Just take your lovely braids up and place them in the middle of your head

2. Tie your scarf in a lovely ribbon to hold the hair in place and TADAAA, we are ready to rock the party.

3. If you are more kind of feeling the milkmaid braids which are always awesome


1. Place your braids in front section of your head and tie them but leave the ends hanging loose.

2. Bring the ends towards the back of your head

3. Tie strongly at the back of your head

4. We are ready to kick off summer with our lovely milkmaid braid!

4. For some more scarf action


1. Bring your braids to the back of your head and tie them there

2. Bring the loose ends of the scarf up to the top of your head and make a lovely little ribbon!

Okidoki, sweeties, that is us! 

All of these hairstyles took me maximum 6 minutes each so they are also great if you just don't feel like spending long time on doing things to your hair that will probably end up heat ruining them anyway. I also think all 4 of these hairstyles are perfect for any kind of hair because all it matters is the length of your scarf, so short haired ladies, dont worry. And lastly, I think these will be my saviors for the hot summer days where you just want to go Britney on your head but you can't because you still want to look fabulous.

Hope you beautifuls enjoyed it and that you haven't forgotten to enter my ZIB clutch bag giveaway.

Always Yours,

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