Bloopers and Behind the Scenes part 2


Heeeeeeloooooou my magic cookies!

I have to start with reassuring, you pumpkins, that I am alright, the facial expressions made by myself are not caused by any spirit possessions or too big of an alcohol intake, it is all me and sometimes the sudden attacks of such evil enemies as wind, extreme wind, rain or just attacks of pure stupidity.

I don't know about you guys, but I absolutely, positively dislike looking at blogs that are too perfect. I don't mean perfect graphic design or perfect image quality, which is different kind of topic... I mean people. I end up scrolling through blog feed thinking to myself - I don't look like this, whats is wrong with me, mum?, when seeing many fabulous bloggers effortlessly walking the streets with their flower bouquets in hands and stilettos on feet. No, I refuse to believe that these human beings can look like that on normal day bases. Except of course if you are Beyonce, the lady woke up like that.

So, I'd like to wear my colours proud. And I want you guys to realize that behind all of the nice pictures I take on my blog there is still a girl who likes to stick out her tongue when annoyed by the photographer or likes to get mad and be photographed by her non photographer boyfriend while she is talking. That is human. That is me. Not perfect, not close to waking up "like dis". But isn't that what makes us all beautiful? Our little imperfections?

Anyway, my beautifuls, these silly little pictures are for you and for me, to be cheered up by on rainy spring days or days when your face just doesn't want to work properly. I know you guys loved the first series I did of my 2013 bloopers, so I decided to keep this a regular thing. Whatcha say? Good idea?

Always Yours, never perfect,



  1. Haha, superamazing!!!!!

  2. You are super cute and creative. I love the scarves in your plaits especially <3
    love from sarah @ topnotchfoxy.blogspot.com