Am I Frida Kahlo Yet?

Skirt - Vintage || Crop top - Primark || Earing - H&M

Hello, my beautifuls!
During times when work is overflowing and basically drowning some people, that is me in this case, having sunny days can be lethal. Long planned studying hours turn into long unplanned walks, or just sitting outside with your flatmates talking about everything but studying. Yup, for procrastinating students like me, this kind of weather is like mixing salt with sugar for your morning coffee and coming up with some weird mixture. But on the other hand, it is the time to wear all the nice things that have been laying on my hangers just waiting, hopelessly dreaming to show themselves to the world one day. 

And one of those garments is this rose print maxi skirt which I got some time ago at the Edinburgh Vintage Fair but never really put on. It is one of those things that always looked beautiful on the hanger, but on me, something never was really right. So, on one of the sunny days I decided to give it another go with my beloved boyfriend crop top you have seen saving me with many outfits before already aaaaaaaaaand it worked. I and my beautiful Estonian photographer were both just extremely excited to shoot these, I have so much of photographies that I like, that it was extremely hard for me to just pick a few. So? If anything, don't dump on your maxi dress/skirt just yet, only because all the fashion magazines are telling us to go short/midi/white/pastel, doesn't mean maxi stopped being awesome. It is a fun and useful thing to have in your closet and it can both be dressed down or up. And also, if you are short, I still advice you to spend a little on a maxi, it can look good on all heights, just make sore it doesn't over take you and there is an actual person wearing the dress, not the dress wearing the person.

So yup, lovelies, I hope your procrastinating skills aren't as good as mine and work is going well for you! Remember that this is the last day of my giveaway, so don't forget to enter, if you haven't done so already!

Always Yours,

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