5 Essentials for Elegance Lies kind of a Summer



Hello, my beautiful miracles!

Don't be fooled, just because I skipped a blogging day, doesn't mean I hadn't been cooking up something epic, or well, something that requires a little bit more effort than per usual, if we are speaking frankly. The thing that gets me through long work days are imagining all the wonderful times I'll spend back at home by the river with my brother and Bear letting the sun hit me brutally wherever it wants (I really need it, I am paler than a chalk right now). But of course, to do it in style, or rather in Elegance Lies style, there are a few things you need. As I let my day dreams take me over I realized my perfect summers are made up of many essentials, which of course includes friends and fun filled days, but well, you can't find those on the Internet buddy, you get those by socializing, or not, if you and your friends dig that kind of a thing. So, I decided on not being lame and do more than 1 "wishlist/need/items" collage, I decided to do 5, which at the start were 10, but I decided I'll split this baby in half because same as you, pumpkins, I have a very short attention span.  Therefore, 5 lists, big variety, choose your Elegance Lies style.

I'm really glad cat eye sunglasses are having a moment, 2 years ago I really wanted a nice pair and they weren't really that big of a hit yet, so I scraped mine from some mystical place and to be honest, they are not in the most perfect condition right now, so I desperately need new ones and there is so much choice now, oh my. Adding to that, round eyes are in fashion, which I completely adore on others. See, my face, my annoying face won't suit them, but maybe, maybe one of you guys could wear them proudly in my place. AAAAND, flowered ones are having a moment. It was only the matter of time this would be the fashion again, I mean I put flowers on my head, why not on my eyes. 

Besides sunglasses there are play-suits and maxis and the nice nail shades, I really wont go into detail about these because this already is taking lengths of the compulsory reading and you probably just want to go out and play. :P Nail polish - brighter, better, your tan suits it. Playsuits -  you get full outfit in one, hallelujah. Maxis - I am a forever believer of maxis, they are like that warm hug after a long work night. And flower crowns...if I have to explain, dear, you have skipped a few classes. Personally, I like having many different flowers and pinning them how I want, but I understand that many of you people aren't so obssesed with owning a huge pile of artificial flowers to pin on your head, it's just me, the weirdo here.

Anyway, if you got through this, you have the Elegance Lies summer style nailed!
Hope you enjoyed it, wonderful!

Always Yours,

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