Outfit - Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show

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Dress - ASOS || Purse - Primark || Bracelet - New Look || Scarf - Primark || Jacket - Primark

Heya my beautiful sunbeams!
I am currently writing to you from my little world where I am hiding under my blankey, I have a warm tea cup beside me and well... the rest is chocolate. Bear is now on a plane back home and I am back to reality, which to be really honest I am not enjoying that much at the moment because university is kicking me in a... big time. It's my last 2 and half weeks and I haven't touched any of my actual final garments. This will be fun. On the more brighter side I have bunch of photos I have stocked up for you guys with the beautiful Edinburgh!

These ones are right before the Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show and mine and Bears amazing sushi dinner, which was long due. As for the whole look, you can see, my sugar unicorns, I've started a new craziness with my hair(like flowers weren't enough) which basically is putting an actual use to my scarf collection. As my life long attempt is to be Frida Kahlo (obviously) I decided to take her as my latest hair inspiration, okay, okay she's been my hair goddess for a while now. Anyway, one of her most iconic hair styles, of course are the flowers in the hair, but besides, in her lifetime she attempted many beautiful Mexican hair styles! One of them are the milk maid braids with scarfs or ribbons added to the braid, but as I tried to copycat this look one night when I decided I cant sleep and want to play with my hair (I think by this point we all have established I am not normal, dont act surprised) I realized it actually looked way cooler for me to leave them be and not milkbraid them. So yeah, story behind the hair madness.

As for the rest of my outfit, this is me fully committing to bright colours, or to get closer to point I am in love with this Asos dress it is like fairy dusty on a hanger. It has the loose silhouette which a - is on trend and b - allows me to stuff my tummy with food and not worry about food babies. The Pastel Purse was one of my great Primark hunt downs, which I fell inlove with the very minute It caught my eye. I have found Primark very rarely or closely to never be good for clothing, but I love their accessories and everything basically I dont have to try on in that chaos. I am weird like that, I absolutely hate trying on cloth while shopping, thats why me and my pal internet shopping are having such a good time lately. 
Anyway pumpkins, I hope you enjoy the pictures and that reality isn't as harsh to you as it is to me!
Always yours,

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