My February in Beauty

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Hello, pumpkins!

I hope you guys are happy to be in March, I know I am! March has always been one of my favourite months ever ever, because that means the start of my favourite season. It means you can take out your trench and leave the clunky winter boots in the dark corner, even though they have been a great help, you are kind of getting to that point where looking at them can make you instantly angry. No more hat hair! And for crazies like me - multiple choices of flowers and any other headpieces that won't be ruined by rain or snow on intense level of wind which just seams blowing straight towards your hair and only making you teary eyed.
Ah, the joy. Walking to university in mornings through all of those horrible obstacles, I feel like the weather man is seriously preparing me for some form of an apocalyptic weather storm. By the end of the route I just end up being so angry by how pointless of invention an umbrella is when it is mostly hitting you in face or making your non existent biceps hurt and gives you Madonna arms by the end. It. Is. Just. Not. Nice. 
And then comes Spring and it is all the opposite and IN YOUR FACE WEATHER MAN. Besides my little weather rant here (this is actually going somewhere, don't worry) to make up for the ultimate greyness outside I have been creating colorfulness around me. A very weird thing happened to me a few weeks ago when I actually won something. Me. The person who always gets those cheesy idioms - "Neveicas kārtīs, veiksies mīlestībā" - Unlucky at cards, lucky in love ! Blah. Have to admit, applying for giveaways have been my sort of remedy for long nights of insomnia attacks, so when I got a message from lovely Rachel that I have won her blog's giveaway of E.L.F. cosmetics,  I was shocked. It immediately gave me so many photo-shoot ideas and the variations I could use for all the scenarios I've had in my head of torturing my friends for the perfect photo. It was only meaningful that the weather had started to get better and was giving me an opportunity to actually shoot people outside without freezing them to death. Like I care anyway. I have only tried the basic things on myself like their eye shadow brush and few beige eye shadows and have to say it is by far a very cool kit, especially for doing fashion photoshoots because it is so easy to carry around and gives you a nice range.

Adding to that, another colourful magicness added to my February list was chalk, or closer to the point hair chalk. I have been so indecisive of what I want to do with my hair that I am the closest of growing out my natural hair colour to what I have ever been. I admire all of the crazy hair coloured women, I envy their courage and their possibility to dress along their hair colour, but here's the thing -  I don't have the patience. And I can't even commit to one colour I like, let alone decide and commit to what kind of crazy coloured hair I want. So, after not such a long persuasion I got this start up hair chalking kit from Bear for Valentines. Haha, if you didn't know I'm crazy before, you know now. Tiffany's can go and have one, I'll have hair chalk for Valentines, darling. As you can see by the pictures, I have been abusing the blues big time and adding them to my braids. It doesn't stay in for longer than 20 hours, but that was my initial wanting, so I am satisfied with my first hair chalking experience and think about doing a tutorial. Anyone up for it?

So, yup, this is My Beauty February, longer than most of my blogposts, but hey, reading is good for you!

Always yours,


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  1. Hi, I just nominated you for the Liebster awards!