My Designs - The Cube Dress

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Hello, my beautiful unicorn butterflies!

As you can see, I'm overfeeding you with pictures, and I will keep doing so, till you personally beg me to put you on photo diet. Until that, chew on these colourful, pastel yummies! I've decided to do mini photoseries of my past designs I haven't shown to you guys, and as I have only shown a very small portion of what I've made in past year and a half, I have some material stocked upon. It's also fitting that it is no longer sooo unacceptable to freeze my models outside(just a titsy bitsy bit) and I've just got my work back, so for projects I have made illustrations, I will scan those as well, and on tad bit sadder days you can laugh at my disproportional ladies with penguin hands(at least they are of some purpose after all). 

This particular dress was sort of a either it will work out or it will fail miserably and I would have to cry out my pain alongside my sewing machine with Beyonce in background telling me I'm flawless(most likely after a few glasses of wine). But I like to convince myself that it turned out sort of kind of as intended and I am completely inlove with the fulness I made at the bottom in a huge circle. I am definitely remaking this silhouette on one of those magical "free days when I have time to sew just something I want".

Anyway, pumpkins, I would really like to know if you are interested in these photo series and if so, I will keep them popping out sooner rather then later then!

Always yours,

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