March Instagram Diary


Hello baby cakes!

Do you remember? I mean the time when I sad it is going to come so quickly, I mean the end of the March and all. Yes, it is already the end of the March. I know, I can't believe it either. It's been a nice month with few but still sunny days that compensated all the stress and worry considering university projects and future arrangements. It was a wonderful month in which I got a chance to meet my lovely Bear and go for long walks around the little town I live in. Got to have pancake days and be mesmerized by beautiful Spring flowers, what else can a gal like me ask for?  Sunday brunch with my Boo Bear and first attempts at trying to get my placement for next year. Right at this point in my life I am so unsure, I have no idea in which city or town I will be living next year, is it going to be by myself or with someone beside me, am I going to be working or jumping back in a stressful year of university in which I have to come up with a collection, oh boy. Life, huh? I believe last year by this point everything was so clear, my flatmates and I had found a place to live and everyone was about to leave home for the summer because here in Scotland we believe to cram and overheat your brain with knowladge for 3 months till the point of nasty migraines and spend the other 5 livin the life. Anyway, March was awesome cakes, I can't wait to see what April has to be bring us. Aren't you curious, beautifuls?

Always yours,

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