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Hello, my dear baby cakes!

I can't even begin to express how busy this week has been to me, I have again proven to myself that I am not one but multiple people, sorry, for bragging, magical cookies, but I really take huge pride into that. Today's blog post is about something I have been feeling very passionately about, therefore I have pushed in some blog hours in my highly planned day - by planned I mean there is no more space in my planner for this certain day to fill in any more tasks (maybe a sign I need to move them to another day or... get a bigger planner). As a student myself I constantly strive to do many things outside my university life, the obvious is the blog, of course, but under that happens many more, like, for right now - I have a towel hair on my head, I'm about to do a photoshoot for upcoming series of my designs, I have decided to publish on elegance lies and then my dear Boo Bear is coming tomorrow and everything needs to be prepeared for his arrival (need to find some closet space for him which will take me hours, obviously).

So, as a self proclaimed Duracel bunny successor I feel huge respect for organizations or individual people, who besides investing in themselves while studying do something outside the normal. This blog post will be about the wonderful Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show organization which work in support of Water Aid. For those who are unfamiliar with Water Aid, I strongly suggest to stop talking to me forever and renew contact when this is fully studied. 

As you can see in the pictures (and no this is not just me admiring the National Museum of Scotland) this years fashion show is going to happen at a wonderful venue, which I personally am extremely excited about. The Fashion Show itself is happening on 15th of March and will incorporate a wonderful mix of fashion relating to Scotland itself as this years theme "This is Edinburgh" aims to showcase the rich history and culture of Scottish. Already confirmed designers and brands include French Connection, Joseph, Walker Slater and 21st Century Kilts.

So, if you are already interested and just have  been wondering how to get to this even quicker, waist no time and get your tickets now, while they're still there. But if you are still looking for more information  head to ECFS website.

See you there!

Always Yours,


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