Comfortable in Classics

Coatigan - ASOS || Dress - New Look || Glasses - Vintage || Top - Hollister || Bracelet - New Look || Scarf - Primark

Hellowsies, my beautiful butterflies!

It's the wonderful daffodil time, the time when Brittish celebrate Mothers Day and birds are singing so loud at 6 o'clock in the morning they are my actual alarm clock and my poor Iphone is no longer on alarm clock duties. As this means extra busy time for me because it is the last weeks of uni (week and a half),  I've switched up my crazy person gear with some classics I've always loved. It seams so obvious to me that I don't think I should talk about it, but it doesn't hurt to praise them from time to time. I mean, black flats and black tights. Edie Sedgwick knew it and boy she made a lot of mistakes, but missing out on black tights day wasn't one. Cat eye glasses been having a big hit for the past few years and Dear Grace knew it already a while ago. My advice... go for it. It doesn't hurt to feel fabulous from time to time! As for the fabulous coat I am wearing, it sort of kind of happened over the many times ASOS kept emailing me they have sale on top of their sale. They know how to push the right buttons on a gal like me, I must tell you. 

Hope you all are alright, my lovelies!

Always yours,

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