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Heya, my magical unicorn miracles!

As lately you have been getting a lot of my face and other body parts in pictures, I decided you need some break from that, and have a look inside my brain (I know, I'm creepy), the bit that always screams "you need to buy this, this will make your life so much better, you will be so fabulous" and how can you not be, wearing a "I woke up like this" sweater, come on, I'm wearing a piece of Beyonce, check me out. 
To be honest, I am very picky, cloth wise, I would have tons of black dresses hanging on my rail, because I justify buying them every time with the usual "they are so good for every occasion". So, surprise, surprise, my wishlist is monochrome. Spring? Heck with the spring colours! I have to back up my sis, Meryl on this one.
Somehow, I am still extremely excited about Spring. Have you seen Zara's new collection? It's pretty much all grey, white and black. Oh, Zara, you know me so well! It's not a surprise that one of their TRF dresses have slipped into my wishlist (right corner first row). If it was acceptable, I would have probably created the whole wishlist with Monki and Zara items, but well... sometimes I need to be calmed down and take a chill pill of my monochromes. Besides my exciting wardrobe choices, I have been obsessed with technology lately, cloth doesn't interest me so much anymore. I have been browsing so many gadgets lately, I feel like my inner man would be superproud. One of my crazy technology cravings is the well known nifty fifty (yes, I am a nerd). It's one of those small, magical lenses that are perfect for street style or outfit photos, all blurry background everything. 
Anyway, let's quit this rambling - I need all of this. Please? Anyone?

Ok, my pumpkins!
Hope you all are ok!

Always yours,

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  1. Love the phone cover haha! Just followed you on bloglovin, your blog is lovely and very inspirational :)