February Instagram Diary


Uh, hello there, my magical cookies!
While writing this I have an unstoppable urge to catch my breath and gulp handful of air in my lungs. It feels like we are sprinting faster and faster, and I bet it's not going to take long until spring is already behind our backs and everyone's unhappy and sweaty during summer, mark my words, guys. When January came, I have to say, the usual January depression didn't really hit me, but February was a completely different story and nooo, it wasn't because of Valentines! February, even though shorter, was a real challenge to me and still is, to be honest, and we all friends here, it wasn't my happiest month, hence the amount of flowers around me (not much to cheer me up, eh). 

I had lost my urge to do things and I kind of still haven't found it, everything feels unimportant without the one's I love around and everything feels too familiar. I guess that's how wearing a school uniform must feel like. I have been trying, eagerly to make myself study harder, blog more, do more, but the usual isn't good enough for me, and I guess my health decided to give upon me as well, and leave me alone to fight on my own. I know! I know! You are going to tell me, chocolate always solves everything, but it didn't. Even my approved cure throughout the years couldn't help me anymore. 

Well, this is oddly pessimistic of me to be so whiny, but well, that's how I feel and I ain't holding it in anymore, oookaay? My name isn't Beyonce, I cannot say things like "Yonce all on his mouth like liquor", that's already an argument big enough to be in the state I am. Yes. It. Is.
Anyway, It hasn't been all bad, I have to admit. Though it mostly has utterly and definitely...sucked.On the bright side, it has gotten me closer to the time I can see my Boo Bear and my family, I still have bunch of crazy but awesome people around me and it is getting less rainier, which always, no doubt, is an instant cheerup!

So, I hope you, cupcakes, are good and that you are as excited about the new month of March as I am!

Always yours,

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  1. Love the fourth pic with the flowers in your hair. Hope you feel better and keep up the good work - it's almost spring! :)