Event - Edinburgh Metropolitan Fashion Show

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leggings - ZIB_lv | dress - ARK clothing

Heya, my lovelies!

I'm currently jumping up and down from the excitement of me being able to show this to you guys! It is my first experience of Fashion events in Edinburgh and with all things new and inexperienced comes a butterfly army in my tummy. A little then a week before of the actual show I informed you guys about this event in one of my blog posts and I couldn't say more than that a - I am glad there are these kind of events in my region because people here are "out of this world" talanted and b - it was a chance to get out my make, make, creative, creative mood and look at other people's wonderful designs.

As soon as I walked into the location, I could tell this wouldn't be like all of my previous fashion shows, the atmosphere was relaxed, it felt like everyone knew everyone (besides me, new kid on the block) and besides it being a fashion show, it also was a sort of a get together with like minded people. As someone who is used to going to fashion shows were everyone barely communicates with anyone and are a bit of a bigger scale (people wise), I found this oddly weird at the start, but by a few minutes in this experience I realized I kind of liked it this way. I had a wonderful greeting from the organizers and the lady with many trades - Farah Faz, who I can only admire of doing so many things at once and keeping a fashionable calm.

 As far as the designers go, I have chosen to show you the pictures of my two favourites from the fashion show - Christine Watson and Darren Ruddy, both of whom are "Heriot - Watt" people which makes my face gloat with pride so hard they could use me as a lamp. By the end of the show after all the models had walked and we had seen all of the designs,  I had already forgotten it was a competition, because I was enjoying the talent so much I just wanted to sit there for another hour and enjoy some more. Fashion Junkie. When it was announced that the winner was Christine Watson, I have to say, I wasn't surprise, her wonderful play with delicate sheer fabrics and masculine leather had made me jealous of not being in the model's places and wearing them myself.

Overall, my wonderful butterflies, it was a nice event for new talents on the block and I definitely invite you all to check their facebook page for more photos.
I am sorry mine are a bit dark, as the only minus of the whole event was, that it was a bit too dark for us, people with tiny unflashed cameras, to take bright photos.

Always yours,


  1. Hi, loving the mention on your blog. I'm glad you liked my dresses. :)

    darren ruddy x

  2. Nice piece - I'm glad I was able to witness the event. Thought you might want to join some others and share: https://www.facebook.com/ScottishFashionBloggers

    Keep up the great work x