Couture DIY Inspiration Guide

 Hey, my wonderful cookies!

First of all, Happy Valentines for all of you, beautifuls! A little kiss on a forehead to all of you on the loveeeee day! As a very good blogger I decided I will show you a little bit of my Guide of DIYs I want to do inspired by the latest couture shows. This has been a little obsession of mine for some while, my computer is full of "I'll so do this when I have some more time" and "This is so easy I won't need a lot of time to make it" ideas. I'm sorry, ok? I'm an idea hoarder! And proud, ha! My latest DIY ideas are mainly dominated by headpieces, I mean, hello - I'm the one with the flowers on my head, makes perfect sense. Good for me, a lot of couture houses thought it is a good idea to stock wonderful things on many models heads during their shows, so hurraaaay for me and for you too, fellow heapiece lovers out there. All we need to do now is just find some time, right?

Also, feel like the backside button tops and sweaters are having sort of a moment in a fashion glorious light. If you don't already feel like your world is spinning around, you can just pop on a top made the other way around, hihi! But I mean, it's so clever, and I looove, absolutely adore and am ready to get into a civil partnership with this idea + it's so easy. Get some bling bling buttons and start sewing them on, preferable on the old sweater you have worn maybe once and it is sadly laying in your closet crying sweater tears. They need some love too!

Anyway, my magical rainbows, 
Happy Valentines to you all!

Always Yours,

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