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Heya, lovelies! 

I have a thing to confess, I am addicted to my phone, like properly addicted, can't function without it addicted. Bear knows it, everyone who has met me for a bit longer than 30 mins know it, the people who I run into the street because I am not looking at the street but at my phone know it... It's a problem, but lets face it, if there is an app for everything why not get really, crazily addicted to it, huh!?
Anyway, in todays post I wanted to tell you about one of my newest addictions - Flink, which is perfect for everyone who is interested in fashion, street style and constantly follow at least 2 - 3 bloggers, or just one, me for example :P It is a wonderful new app that allows you to stay connected to your favorite bloggers looks just right from your smart phone and I love it, I already have discovered so man blogs, I as one of them, would like to read and suggest you to go and download it right away as well, if ya feel connected with me, broskis - Clickityclackaty. Also, as someone who admires good images both in blog posts and in my apps, Flink does a wonderful job, for reals.

So, my wonderful magic cookies! If you are even a bit interested, go on and follow me on Flink and bunch of other wonderful bloggers!

Always yours,

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