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|| Dress - Lindex || Blazer - Pull & Bear || Coat - Laundry by Design ||

Hello, pumpkins!
As the time of my stay in Latvia comes to it's last days I decided to stop being sad about it and be aw...tourist instead. It all started with a very weird dream I had about palaces and people during Renaissance, so, as my usual self, I became obsessed, I begged and asked Bear and promised hugs and food in return of him taking me on a road trip (this is more of a win win situation). So almost after a few minutes of me doing sad eyes and playing every trick in the book I and Bear decided to jump in the car the next morning, instead of sleeping till 2 pm and drive to Rundale Palace. I had been there already 3 yeas ago during summer, and for actual tourists, I advice to go there during June and July, because the garden is THE DREAM, but this time it really didnt matter, because I enjoyed everything anyway. I got so inspired by all the chandeliers, chairs, tapestry, colours, interior, everything... that my creative mind is still on an overload of ideas, which is good because I was kind of having an idea dry patch. We spent 2 awesome hours walking around and both of us enjoyed the palace to the extreme. New possible home, he?
For the day I decided to bring back some flower action as I am already longing for spring, wear the usual go to black dress (my whole closet is build on LBDs, it impossible not to do lbd once in a while)  and to balance out the femininity, pair it with a grey blazer.

Once again, i can't believe it's amost mid January already, TIME, stop for a while, okay?
Hope that you all, wonderfuls, have had a nice start of the New Year.

Always Yours,

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  1. that is a great, classic coat! my closet is built on little white dresses, so understand how easy it is to fill yours with lbds! the blazer is a great way to add a bit of menswear vibe to your outfit :)

    Emmett - Hippie Lace