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Hello, wonderfuls!

In this post I wanted to share my latest love for some beauty things that I have basically grown together with....am... what I mean is, I wear them on daily bases and I'm never ever letting these babies go, well... as long as they last. As some of you, who have read elegance lies religiously lately may know I have a nose of a search dog, everything around me has to have a beautiful scent, including myself, as well. So, obviously both of these magical beauty items smell... well... lovely.

I know a lot of beauty bloggers wanted a little Jo Melone miracle under their Christmas trees and it turns out, that I got one, as well. It is a lovely scented body creme which is perfect for winter season as a - my skin gets pretty dry and b - I like to be reminded of summery scents during the grey time. As for it's moisturizing qualities, I can say - hallelujah, it sucks into my skin within seconds and only leaves the wonderful scent behind and is every bit worth the price. As for Jo Melone, I have gotten a few gifts of theirs over the past Christmas and scent-wise, they have always been a lovely surprise, because it does create a very certain, natural and hm... remember-able scent. Definitely one of my most precious and valued things in my beauty cupboard.

2.Pink Grapefruit Body Mist -  Body Shop

For this little unicorn baby, I have to say it wasn't planned, it sort of happened. I knew I wanted something body spray related because ohmygosh, I have become a perfume hoarder, so buying another scent that was a body spray seemed justifiable. As Body Mists, Sprays etc can often smell a bit tacky, cheap, too strong, I really wanted something that will be as far away from those qualities as possible, and when I and Bear both got a hint of this one, I mean, wuhuu. It does really smell sort of like grapefruit and even though the scent can be very strong at the start, it soon after vanishes away and leaves a lovely trail of grapefruit.

Ok, so, baby cakes, I hope you enjoyed this one and that wherever you are, you are happy and smiley.
Always yours,

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