Outfit - I Know I'd Be the Snow

|| Dress worn as blouse - Ammerican Apparel (similar) || Skirt - Vintage (Edinburgh Vintage Fair) || Lace up boots - ASOS ||

Heya beautifuls!

Finally, as I am about to leave home, the good kind of winter starts (noooooo), it's actually bright during daytime, not grey and hats and gloves can finally be of use (hurraaaay). Even though it has gotten colder, it's pretty much okay to wear only on pair of tights(hihi) and short boots (with heels if you are as extreme as I am, rocking the icy streets). I've showed you this wonderful piece of magic aka the blouse thing I'm wearing in the photos already before, when I sported it as skirt, but this time I wanted to use it's blousy qualities with a skirt I've had in my closet for a while and I really have no explanation why I haven't worn it out before or showed it to you guys. Same with the lace up boots that have been laying between other shoes, unworn - as I am a pretty tall person, I am naturally scared of wearing heels while around other normal heighted people, because I feel like well... a giant, but HEY, my height should not be a reason why I couldn't wear a cute pair of heels. boom.

So, there it is, and I hope you, pumpkins, liked it!
Always yours,


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  2. Good for you girl! Never be afraid to wear heels, even if you're tall. Every girl deserves to wear fabulous shoes, especially those! And that dress is so cute. I feel like if I had an artsy hand, I could DIY it.