Monday Minipost: Edinburgh Metropolitan Fashion Show

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Heya, my lovelies!

I'm back at Scotland and even though it has been just 2 days I am already swimming in bunch of thing I have to do and so, so much work. This is not me complaining at all, I love it, it feels like I am working towards something great and Scotland is embracing the almost sort of spring, heck, they sell daffodils already which is like a logo for spring, in my eyes. Besides that, I wanted to show you guys something wonderful, that is Edinburgh Metropolitan Fashion Show, which is set to happen on 30th January in Edinburgh and feature bunch of wonderful designers, giving them a platform to show their great work. This idea is like a music to my ears because a - I think Edinburgh and Scotland in general holds a lot of great artistic people that are not so well shown in Social Media as they should and b - it will give a lot of insight for people including me on these designers and what they have up on their sleeves. It would be a shame not to have this or see it, as it doesn't happen often here, as far as my experience goes, so I personally think it is brilliant. Anyway, if this all interested you a bit, and you have the possibility, you can buy the tickets here and make sure you follow them for more info on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram.

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