Layered Dark Tones

 Sweater - H&M || Ring - H&M || Skirt - Zara || Boots - Zara

Hellzoos, my beautiful readers!
I have to admit it is pretty disappointing to be in a country which is known to have -20 C degree cold winters and have no snow, well... if not you guys, I'm disappointed. It rather feels like I'm in this never ending autumn just without all the colour in the trees, so the whole grey thing vibe has followed me in my wardrobe and lately I've been feeling very comfortable in loose grey sweaters and casual classic trousers or skirts. These past weeks have been about warm lattes and extremely hot teas, piles of chocolate and toasts with Dzintarsiers (it is sort of a Latvian Philadelphia cream thing you put on toasts, I just happen to overdose it when I'm home), meeting my friends, sleeping till mid day, pinteresting away ideas I'll need when I go back and start designing again, cuddles from bear, cuddles from my family. Yes, I'm in my own cave with grey sweaters and no worries... well, almost no worries. You know me, I live to worry. Anywaysohowmylovelies, grey sweaters are great for times like these, especially if you, same as me, have spent most time eating during Christmas, or just like to hide away from the world sometimes.

Hope you enjoyed a bit longer post than the usual Monday Minipost and that you  have not given up on your resolutions already!

Always yours,


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