January Instagram Diary

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Oh my lovelies, how I missed you!

My suspicion came true and as I said in my last post (week ago) that I will most definitely disappear between piles of uni work, so that happened and I didn't have enough time to do one of my favourite things in the world - blogging. I hope you guys forgive me, I was really working hard every day and if I could spear an hour, I definitely would have. Anyway, as I became less active in blogging, I somehow turned up my Instagram activity this month, so as always this is my January summary. Uh, another month, can you believe it?

From left

1. My Christmas present from Bear finally came in mail and I got my ZIB_lv leggings! You should have seen my excitement, when I actually had the time to try them on alone, I spent at least 30 minutes taking pictures of my legs and jumping around my room like I had bathed in Red Bulls. OH, what one piece of garment can do to a girl!

2. One of the best things about Scotland, being able to buy my dear daffodils (just for one pound) still about to bloom, at home you can only buy them already fully bloomed 0.70 EUR each and they last you a day. Your only hope is a friend with a nice daffodil garden, you know who you are! :P

3. From our road trip with Bear to Rundale palace.

4. Wonderful chandeliers in Rundale Palace. Oh the dream.

5. Some coffee love, of course.

6. The post that my dear mummy shot which was fun because she was giving me really good posing advice. I got it from my moma.

7. A little fancy acoustic concert night with Bear where I got the chance to wear my graduation dress again. Doesn't happen often, does it?

8. Some beautiful 18th century interior in Rundale Palace.

9. Starting to wear my flowers again as the Spring is slowly getting here.

10. And of course, my lovely Estonian photographer would even have a lamp on her head to get the perfect picture.

11. I and my lovely photographer at Edinburgh Metropolitan Fashion Show casually having some selfies.

12. Me trying to take a picture of my mathching outfit and cocktail and my favourite Estonian ruining it making the picture better.

Hope you all are ok and that you have had a less hectic week than I have, because that stuff is crazy!

Always Yours,


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