December Instagram Diary


Hello, wonderfuls!
December went by so quickly, I barely managed to grasp all the great things that happened during it, only when I do my monthly Instagram check I realize how many magical things can be packed in one month. This month was a little bit stressful at the start, because uni, as always, kept me on my knees, but it was rewarding, as I did put loads of work in it, and of course, it payed off. The other half of December was a complete contrast as I have been spending my time back at home in Latvia, I've been enjoying too much Christmas food and sleeping loads. I think I have grown taller again of how much sleep I've gotten, I've met my lovey brother, my boo bear and my awesome family and friends and to be honest, they have made my December the best. I have to say, it is a bit bittersweet December is gone, because it means that just in few days I'll be back to my usual roller coaster in Scotland, but somehow I know that the 2014 has a lot up its sleeve for me and for you too guys.

Thank you all, for being with me this year and reading elegance lies as much as you can!

Always and forever yours,

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