Behind the Scenes of 2013


Heya sexies!

As I was a bad girl again and didn't give you, guys, any Monday Minipost, I decided to do one of those annual things fashion bloggers do, but as I feel like reposting the pictures of my top outfits, that you all have already seen might be a bit boring, I stole this a bit different idea from Amy Valentine. I feel like this is such a good idea because we are all human and even though it may seem like bloggers always look fabulous in pictures, this is the actual proof that we don't, well, I don't... most of the time. Wind is my constant enemy, I get lazy aye and Bear thinks it's a good idea to take pictures of me while I'm talking, which clearly, IS NOT. This is just a very tiny bit of all the possible bloopers I could show you, lovelies, as I said already before, I'm having problems with my camera and I'm having a problems ALSO (of course, just my luck) with my memory card, which has most of my unedited, horrible pictures. It has decided to stop working. It's probably because of all the photos with my lazy eye. Definitely because of the lazy eye.

Anywaysohowever pumpkins, I hope this made you smile just a bit and those in Latvia
I congratulate you, winter has started! :P

Always yours,

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