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Hello, my wonderfuls! 

Even though nowadays my university studying schedule is superduper tight and it is hard to squeeze in some time for elegancelies, I really wanted to share my latest "inlove" moment with some very nicely scented beauty items. Ever since I was little I had a nose of a search dog, for reals... my ability to take in scents is remarkable, I'm super proud. But.. it comes with some difficulties, like... I am very picky when it comes to scent and if I ever would not like a certain scent I would, firstly get extremely annoyed at everything around me and secondly I would get the most extreme headache in the universe. This is also the reason why I don't wear perfume often. When I do, though, it's the two perfumes I've been wearing my whole life and I am so adjusted to them, it doesn't bother my sensitive nose anymore. SOOOOO...(to the point) when I do introduce myself to some new scents and fully and utterly accept them, it is a big deal for me. So these 3 products are in my new "I totally adore your scent" cupboard.

1. Coconut Body Butter - The Body Shop
Well, this one is no big news for many body shop fans, it could be one of the most popular body butters of theirs and not a surprise, because even for me,  the one with the crazy nose, the coconut scent seems perfectly amazing. I have to admit, though, coconut is kind of my thing. Adding to everything, it doesn't hurt that the butter itself is amazing too. It gets into my skin in a second and doesn't make me feel like I've put actual butter on myself, as it sometimes does with other beauty products, and the thing I hate more than annoying scents is putting creams on me, ew (yes, i know I am weird).

2. White Musk Smokey Rose Parfum - The Body Shop
AJAJAJ, am I inlove with this scent or what! Let's start off with the most important - it. smells. like. CHRISTMAS. And one of my favourite thing about Christmas is it's scent, so being able to have it around me throughout the whole year is happiness on my body. It is a very certain scent but not in a very annoying way, whenever I put it on I feel like I can kick a...aliens and nothing can stop me. It cheers me up when I feel like the day is beginning to suck and just in a second I'm in my beautiful Christmas wonderland. Also, every time I put it on I feel like it changes scent, one day it's a bit more floral, the other a bit more cinnamon, then a bit more Christmas. It's a scent from which you don't get tired of.

3. Loving Rose Shea Hand Cream - L'Occitane
Well... I have to start with saying - I thoroughly hate hand creams, but this one doesn't even feel like one. I mean, hand creams are the it beauty product for skin during winter, because hands, well.. at least for me, are the ones that get the most damaged because of the coldness and winds that they have to face in Latvia. But even though, it has wonderful qualities as a moisturizer, I have to tell you about how wonderful is its scent. It's not the very strong rose one that you recall your granny wearing, nonono, this is something else. This is a very delicate, sweet and slight rose scent and I love it. AND, look at the packaging, isn't it pretty? No wonder this often goes in my purse BEFORE my phone. Shock.

So, my beautifuls! I hope you enjoyed me sharing my latest beauty crushes! 
Also, I hope you all are somewhere nice with someone nice beside you!

Always Yours,

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