Monday Minipost: Good Day Recipe


Heya, wonderful!

It's another monday of a seemingly long work week and on many of those I feel like getting out of the bed will only be a disappointment, so in order to actually have a good monday (which is not just a luck to have a good day, there are certain guidelines) I decided to tell you, sweetie pies, how to make a tough day better, when it only feels like going downhill from the moment you leave your room.

1. Start Small - and this is even more important on Mondays. You have just woken up, your body and brain is still trying to accept the fact you are making it get out of the great magical thing that is a bed and into the messy world. Don't make yourself accomplish the impossible during at least the first hour. Even though you are out of the bed, you are still waking up.

2. Hot Beverage - I have a theory that coffee is basically the substance of world peace, for real. Not a coffee person? Go for a tea! Tired of tea? Try hot water with lemon. Not only it will make you feel nicer towards people around, it will also be good for your health (especially the hot water and lemon option).

3. Compliment yourself - This one I found particularly very hard, because in a busy workday we rarely have any time for ourselves. I know I don't. And then at the end of the day I can't fall asleep because I haven't given any time for myself, so my brain is on - think time. The perfect occasion - sit down with your hot beverage and for 2 - 5 minutes think about all the good things about you. It is very hard because we forget many times how to actually be nice to ourselves, so do that! Don't have time for sitting down? Well, those 5 spare minutes on public transportation or walking to uni/work, is just the perfect time to cherish the good things about you, it can even be the silliest things like - I really do make the best pancakes in the world, or... I am a good friend to those around me. And even though you might not think so, still - tell yourself you are beautiful!

4. Compliment others - I know there might be days when for some reason you feel like nothing is good around you, still... go and try to get out of your way, notice the little things about Jessica at work or Anna in university and say them... actually out loud. Seeing their face light up already will be a little dose of happiness.

5. Don't leave it for tomorrow - you know all those thoughts you think right before you go to bed like - I will go swimming or call my mum or anything tiny at all and then the next morning you tell yourself you will do that tomorrow! Do it right now! As you are reading this post! I'm allowing you to go and do it TODAY not tomorrow!

6. Listen - To my mind, being able to listen with interest to what others are saying not tell with interest your stories, is the greatest gift of all and I keep reminding myself that every day. It gives you perspective, it makes others feel better and it makes you feel like you are not the only one going through bad things.

7. Wear your favourite garment  - Who says it has to be a special occasion? That blouse you bought a week ago and are saving for something special? Wear it now, make it special for yourself and so will others.

8. Dream - To many this comes naturally, but to some it might have become difficult to dream! Well, get back to exercising how to dream. Even the silliest dreams, the wildest and most impossible, like meeting Angelina Jolie and running away in the sunset together with Ryan Gosling. It will give you the extra boost to go and do things on days where you only feel like staying under your blankey.

9. Surround yourself with good people -  don't like someone? someone is bringing you down? Smile at them and carefully move away :) to someone nice who smells of chocolate... preferably. Don't torture yourself into pretending to like someone, put your energy into something better.

10. Read something that makes you smile - for example, my blog.

So my lovelies, I hope it was useful and that even though on most occasions Mondays do suck(yes... the s word), if I can get through it, so can you, pumpkin pie!

Always yours,

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