Monday Minipost: Five for Five

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 Heya, my wonderful butterflies!
Uh, another Monday! But hey, I have something that will most definitely cheer you up. It's kind of a girl paradise, so it has to! It might be the time of the year when you have already bought everyone presents and you kinda are balancing the broke line right now, BUT you still have those many parties coming up soon and myohmy there are definitely not enough fabulous dresses in your closet to cover them all. Yeah... even though I feel like there is never ever enough dresses in ones closet, I get more anxious to lay my hands on new ones when many special occasions are to be attended. For times like these there is this magical wonderland called Just for 5 pounds which saves girls that are often in the situations as described above. I've put together my 5 favourites of their festive dresses and knowing me, I've kept them fairly simple, because I can not begin to express how big of a mantra "less is more" is for me. The first dress, with it's delicate yet sexy cutouts is yum, and of course... if you didn't catch the amazing part about this all yet, it's just 5 pounds. Anywaysohow, my advice, if you are still listening to me and not clicking through their webpage, is to order more than one if you are located outside United Kingdom. Heck, they even have some very cute summer pieces that you can pop in that Christmas shopping bag! Even though, it is a bit of a search for the right one because there are so much production and they keep renewing it constantly, it is still worth it.

So, my lovelies, I hope you all are excited about Christmas and even though all the hectic shopping and preparations that comes with it might be getting on your nerves, remember that you are fabulous.

Ok, peace out! I need to go and be burried in uni work!

Always yours,

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