Monday Minipost: Colour of 2014


Hey, tiny!
The 2013 is right at the end and for many it has been a good year, full of new things and new surprises. As some of the people like to look back during the very last days of the year, I on the other hand like to get inspired for the year coming, starting of course with the silly resolutions which mostly end up not completed and ending with loads and loads of idea stocking that I just love doing throughout the whole year, but especially on the upcoming time of the new one. So as a bit of a pastel freak, imagine my excitemend of the  Pantone's colour of 2014 which caught my heart because I have been gushing over fuchsias and lilacs for like... um... forever, so it just makes sense that I'm totally obsessed with the Radiant Orchid colour. As for some this might not mean much, but to people like me, obssesed with these tones, hopefully we will get to see more of this in clothing, because I have been so tired of all the tones of greys we can usually find in stores. Yes, it might seem, when you are reading this, wait... stores are full of bright things like this, but... are they reallly? Sure... there have been classic items like simple tank tops, there were heck loads of this colour in underwear, but I mean, trousers, hey, lilac trousers, I would wear them. Anyway, we already have seen loads of it in beauty, but if you want to already jump on the trend train, here are some ides, to maybe inspire you guys too,  to incorporate the "radiant orchid" tones in your everyday style.

 Hope you've had nice Christmas, and you are all prepared for New Year to come.
Always yours,

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