Little Black Lace Dress




Hello lovely!
I will start by saying - you can do this! Most likely it is the end of the school, uni, work year for you, all the work you have put off by weeks have piled upon your back and you are slowly drowning in it. How do I know all of that? Well... I'm that person. Even though I was confident I have, for once, done everything on time, it turns out, there are these tiny tasks with uni(and life) that need to be just done, uh. It might not even be that much, it might even be the tiniest thing that requires... hm... an hour, but it seams so annoying- you've worked for a year, it's about to end... just give me the eggnog and Christmas food already, ALRIGHTTTT? It is superduper hard to make myself motivated by this point, but writing these little posts lately is what brings joy to me and that, of all the things to do in a week, are the least painful. ajajaj... Enough said, let's talk clooooth. To keep, myself motivated in these times, I reward myself... and not with food or sleep (I do that everyday in big quantities no matter what), I reward myself with cloth I have saved up in my closet, like this Urban Outfitters dress I first fell in love with a month or more ago and had my hands upon just a few weeks ago. Ever since that I had been wanting you to guys see it, because it is so simple, delicate and in the mean time can be a bit grungy, which, my dear beautifuls, i adooooore. Anywaysohow, I'm running back to drown in my pile of work and am leaving you with this magic, just a little procrastination.

Boots - Zara
Jumper - Reserved

Hope you all are okidoki and remember not to overload yourself with work, as well, not healthy, pumpkins!

Always yours,

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