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Hello, lovelies!
I'm currently writing while bravely trying to fight off sneezes that have decided to be my number one enemy these past few days, so I am sorry if in some parts it sounds like someone has possessed me, because well... it feels like it. I have been home now for exactly 5 days and it is magical to be in my old bed and my room... I still can't believe I'm here. I'm soso sorry I've been absent, I was figthing off a serious jet lag at the start, because I had to take a connecting flight which started with a 7 hour late night wait at the airport. Ugh, the worst. AND now (oh what a surprise) I have gotten a cold. I had these many wonderful plans of blog posts and events I would like to go and people I wanted to meet, but for the past 2 days everything has been a pain, my eye balls feel like burning out just staring at my screen now, but... I can do this! I wanted to share a little Christmas moment I had this weekend at home while baking. Oh boy, do I love puff pastry, puff pastry is the music for my ears (or tummy) because a - it is so easy to make things with it, todlers could do it and b - it tastes so daaaaaamn good.  I personally happen to not be able to imagine Christmas without this, with me and mummy in kitchen baking our asses off and the whole house smelling like wonderland. It has to be said, of course, that all the baked goods disappear(aka stolen by the men in the house) at exactly the same time they are pulled out of oven so you guys can't actually see the tiny croissants I made, but it would be no good, that would just be teasing and I dont want to be nasty during Christmas time.

Anywaysohow, my dear miracles! I hope you can forgive my absence, I'll go and pass out for another 5 hours and dream about peppermint tea and feeling better!

AND, I wish you all,pumpkins, the best Christmas! I'm so thankful that you all been so positive towards elegancelies and you each get a tiny kiss from me on your noses for Christmas as presents!

Always yours,

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