As The Wind Takes You Away







Hello, my magical wonders!
I'm so excited for today's post because I don't think you, guys, have seen something like this from me in a long time. One of my wonderfully talented friends from Estonia(who is also guilty for most of the latest pictures on elegancelies) had to do a project for uni and I thought it was a wonderful idea, because it gave me an opportunity to give you, beautifuls, a treat too, because you need one (I do advice you to take a warm blanket, hot tea and a bar of chocolate with this, because well, nothing can go bad with those three things on the picture). I am, though, very worried that soon it will be very difficult for me to show you nice outfit posts taken outside because it is indeed getting colder(not that I mind, because it means snoooooow) and darker. But while I still can, and it doesn't matter that during the process my fingers turn to icicles, I will keep doing it! Also, elegance lies, once again, has taken upon a new look, because it is about to be a new year and well, I think same as you guys, elegance lies deserves a treat too.

So, my loyal pumpkins, I hope you liked the wonderful pictures and that you all are okidoki and warm and that there is someone near you to make a peppermint tea, when your fingers turn into icicles.

Always and forever yours,

Dress - Topshop
Jacket - Valentino

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