All Of The Lights

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Hello, lovelies!
I'm currently writing while facing a major food depression, obliously, it's been Christmas, I've been ill at home and all I could have actually done was eating. Loads. Anyway, it just happens I'm in a little rush, I'm still trying to adjust to what is going on at home, adjust to the fact I no longer have any specific time to wake up which means, for a sleepy person like me, sleeping through half of the day and later on regretting it, but...yolo. It also happens that I am currently facing some camera problems, mine has decided to give up on me and bears lovely dad has decided to lend me his, but oh no, it is a nikkon and I don't speak nikkon. But yea, we take one day at a time. :) This little outfit I wore on one of my mums dance concerts and later on a little, long due date night with bear, it is Christmassy New Look skater dress paired with my DIY YSL grunge inspired belt.

I hope you all have joined me in my food depression and are constantly rubbing your tummies with food satisfaction, because I know I am.

Always yours,


  1. so gorgeous!! love your dress!!


  2. Really love the dress, the subtle print on it is cuuute

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas