Tuesday Minipost: The Little Red Dress

the little red dress

Heya, my dear winter miracles!
It's not monday..? ouh yeah, right, that... My mum was over and we kind of were busy being happy to see each other again, laughing and forgetting about all the serious things. There - not guilty. But I am sorry, pumpkins. This was what I wanted to show you guys yesterday, my new obsession, or rather my new wishlist for all the upcoming Christmas parties, the little red dress. I was doing some healthy window shopping a while ago and a red dress grabbed my eye and there... I knew, that will be my statement piece for Christmas. Not very original, as the Christmas colour is red, BUT, I never really see women and girls wearing red during winter times, it's usually the LBD, which although a classic, sometimes need to be put away. 

So, here it is folks, my list of favourite, simple little red dresses for now.

1. Red Dress with Black Lace - Dorothy Perkins
2. Beaded Shoulder Dress - Dorothy Perkins
4. Lace Smock Dress - Boohoo

So, my dear chocolate chip cookies! Hope you enjoyed this one and that it got you a tiny bit inspired for Christmas festive dressing too!

Always yours,

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  1. beautiful dresses.:)