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Heya, my sweeties!
I can't believe October has gone by so quickly and November is by our doorsteps. With big changes feels like time has decided to run quicker too, and I'm still trying to figure out if it's because it's running towards something amazing or running away from the bad. With every early morning it gets easier to notice that we are starting to lose the light, days are getting shorter and really the night is taking over the most time of the day. Yes, this is the time for warm nights with cups of tea and family beside you, and I wish that could be that easy. 
Sometimes it's the simple things I miss, the little bits. Sometimes it's those things I would usually find annoying when being home. Sometimes it's all together and I just feel like no matter how, I'm hopping on the next plane back home.
Anywaysohow, my magical unicorns, I hope your dark autumn days are brightened by the loved ones around you and wherever you are, I hope they have peppermint tea too...

Always yours,


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  1. Jā, es arī gribu lekt pirmajā lidmašīna, kautgan naudas galīgi nav, kkā tomēr gribas sev tuvos apkārt. jo bez tiem vakari ir garāki un vientuļāki. Ak Veļu mēnesis.