November Instagram Diary


Hello, my beautiful and wonderful readers!
It's unbelievable how many times I've said this, but I have to repeat myself again saying that time runs by so quickly lately, I think I just blinked a few times and it was November already, few more blinks and December is just 2 days away from us. I am sort of... kind of... a very nostalgic person, so at the end of every month I always go through my instagrams, that way I can recall the special, nice times I've had. For example when my mum came over, it still has given me so much positive energy I can easily light up some sad faces around me, and believe me I was the one with the sad face before she came. Thinking about that, and even though Thanksgiving is an American tradition, I have my thanksgiving at the end of every month... It is easy to start doubt yourself, to think that your dreams are unbelievably far away and you will never reach them so you start doing other things that are not important, to keep the bad thoughts away. STOP THAT! And this goes out for me too, so... at the end of this month I'm stopping that nonsense, stopping to doubt myself and be thankful of and appreciative what I have and are about to have. So my I'msohappyaboutthisandgladtohavethis list to maybe inspire yours :)

1. I'm glad I've chosen to study what I love
2. I'm thankful to have my sweet home to go back to on Christmas
3. I'm thankful for my family and those friends who have throughout everything never stopped loving me and never have judged me
4. I'm thankful I can still dream
5. I'm happy that I have a goal
6. I'm thankful I can travel and see somewhere besides my country
7. I'm thankful for all the new things I've learned 
8. I'm thankful for all the grumpy people I have met, because I was able to make them smile, even just for a bit
9. I'm thankful for all the difficult times that have prepared me for future difficult times

and this could go on forever

So, my lovelies, as we enter the month of a complete cheer and happiness, I hope you all are somewhere nice, and know that there will always be something good around you, you just have to open your eyes and look for it.

Always yours,

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